Welcome to the Celtic Congress Cornwall

Please note: the AGM will take place at 6pm on 20th. April 2024 at the Newquay Heritage Centre, just below the bus station. Nominations for officers and committee members should be sent to Denise Chubb denise@spyrys.org as soon as possible ahead of the meeting. Please contact Denise if you are a member and have not received the relevant documents.

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Dynnargh dhe'n Guntelles Keltek Kesgwlasek - Scoren Kernow. Welcome to the Cornish Branch of the International Celtic Congress. We are very pleased to have you here!

The Cornish Branch……..who are we?

 The Cornish branch of the Celtic Congress is a registered Charity (No. 1125469) dedicated to supporting and promoting Cornish language, culture and heritage by means of grant funding and sponsorship of other organisations and individuals who are directly involved in activities with the same ethos and aims. We create links with fellow Celts in Brittany, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and Ireland.   Our income streams are primarily membership fees and donations.

Following a meeting at the National Eisteddfod of Wales in 1900, the first Pan Celtic Congress was in Dublin in 1901.
In 1904 Cornwall became a member of the Pen-Celtic Congress.

Members had been persuaded by Henry Jenner that Cornwall had its own unique language and Celtic identity. This was endorsed by him receiving a telegram written in the Cornish Language. His act was commemorated in 2004 at Port Erin Conference in the Isle of Man by an email in the Cornish language to  celebrate the centenary at the Cornish Branch.

1932 – The first Celtic Congress in Cornwall was held in Truro.
1949 – The first post-war International Celtic Congress.
1950 – Truro hosted the first large International Celtic Congress

To mark this major event the Beunans Meriasek, a Cornish Language medieval play similar to the “mystery” plays of the medieval Cathedral towns, was performed for the first time in several hundred years.. This play was probably written at Cornwall’s former historic centre for literature and learning at Glasney College, Penryn..

Cornwall has hosted several International Congresses for our fellow Celtic nations:

1950 – Truro
1963 – Carbis Bay
1969 – Gulval
1975 – Carlyon Bay
1982 – Penzance
1988 – Newquay
1994 – Falmouth
2000 – Bude
2007 – C.U.C Tremough Campus
2013 – Bodmin
2019 – Newquay

The International Celtic Congress:

The International Celtic Congress is an educational and cultural registered charity. We work to promote and perpetuate the mutual ideals, cultures and languages of the Celtic people’s of Europe. Each Celtic country has its own branch who meet as old (and new) friends at our Annual International Conference to share common interests and concerns.

The Cornish Branch of the Celtic Congress supports the promotion and development of the Cornish language and Cornish cultural traditions and Cornish economic sustainability. We create links with fellow Celts in Brittany, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and Ireland. We support partner organisations with similar aims in Cornwall, Britain and Europe and share the aims of the International Celtic Congress.

The Celtic Congress Cornwall is a non-political and non sectarian organisation. Membership is open to everyone who shares our aims.

Website: http://internationalcelticcongress.org/en/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/celticcongresscornwall